Scopes, Analyzers, Meters

Measures records and analyze signals (analog and digital), from DC up to 1 GHz

Oscilloscope LeCroy 9320

Measures inductance, capacitance and resistance.

LCR Meter Agilent 4263B

Generators, Sources, Supplies

The PSG analog signal generator delivers industry-leading output power, level accuracy, and phase

Analog Signal Generator Agilent E8257D

Analytical Chemistry Systems

Measures the UV / VIS spectrum of solution (double beam system), required for sample preparation and material characteristics
UV / VIS Jasco V530
Used to keep samples on clean sterile areas
Incubator Galaxy 14 S

Optical Systems

Used for sample preparation
Vacuum System
Used for sample preparation
Glove Box
Used for sample preparation
Used to document samples
Microscope Camera


Magnet Systems

Used to examine samples