Upgrade of Bruker and Varian CW ESR to Pulse ESR

New! – Video – Introduction to the spinUP system

We offer a very affordable upgrade of Bruker EMX CW ESR and Varian CW ESR systems to a modern pulse ESR.

The upgraded system is based on conventional CW Bruker EMX or Varian systems. It maintains the original CW
functionalities of these system
, but with a switch of a button, transforms to a modern pulse ESR system.

System specifications:

• Frequency range 6-12 GHz (other bands, such as 2-6, 6-18, 33-37, or 92-97 GHz are also available)

• Arbitrary waveform pulses, with 0.4 ns resolution.

• Acquisition bandwidth of ~400 MHz.

• Output power of more than 30 W (export license restriction may apply)

• User friendly software with pre-defined sequences, such as FID, echo, stimulated echo, DEER, etc..
Also supports many scripts (field wept echo, T1, T2 scripts, etc..)

• Supports also ENDOR and ODMR experiments, flexible timing triggers available.